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                  The Perfect Construction Company for Your Home Improvement Project
                  Call Us at (248)-219-8294
                  Howell, MI 48843-6333

                  15 Years Experience • Licensed and Insured

                  Certified in Lead Paint Safety

                  Residential Construction, Home Improvement & Remodeling

                  Welcome a new look and feel into your home with residential construction and improvement services from our contractors based in Howell, Michigan.
                  Contractor, Residential Construction in Howell, MI

                  Renovation & Remodeling
                  To get started renovating or remodeling your living space, schedule a free consultation and on-site estimate with our construction company.  Your quote is determined by the size and scope of your project.  We can finish your project quickly, however the timeframe varies from all others because of your unique needs.

                  General Contracting
                  If your project is large, we collaborate with subcontractors and suppliers and also include the home owner in the process to get the project completed in an acceptable time frame with outstanding quality.  Laying down the foundation is only one of the many services a subcontractor helps us with.

                  Construction Management
                  With our construction management service, you can have more control over the project. We allow you to request what you'd like to be done, which we then relay to the contractors.

                  New Custom Home Construction
                  Building a new home is easier with our foundation-to-completion services. We build homes ranging from small to large, giving attention to detail and quality, and integrating the home buyer in every step of the building experience.

                  Design/Build services including architectural and design can be incorporated into every home building process.

                  Call or email us for a quote on the residential construction or home improvement service you want.

                  Office Hours:
                  Monday–Saturday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

                  Serving Southeastern Michigan